Welcome to Inner Alchemy Consultancy, where we ignite the spark of transformation and unlock boundless possibilities. In a world saturated with conventional approaches and predictable solutions, we stand as a beacon of unwavering optimism and unyielding conviction. Our consultancy dares to delve into projects with detached yet passionate fervor, enabling us to understand our clients at the deepest level imaginable. This profound understanding empowers us to deliver assessments that surpass accuracy, as well as a sense of comprehension that goes beyond expectations.

At Inner Alchemy Consultancy, our philosophy revolves around the profound concept of "being of service to others." We firmly believe that by authentically and selflessly caring for those who seek our help, we can catalyze a paradigm shift from competition to cooperation. Rather than subscribing to notions of scarcity, we wholeheartedly embrace abundance and generosity, fostering an environment where all can thrive.

Integrity, transparency, and joyful relationships are the pillars upon which we build our consultancy. We honor and celebrate the uniqueness of every person and business we encounter, recognizing that true growth stems from embracing the rich tapestry of diversity. In an era marked by chaos, mistrust, and divisiveness, our ethical approach serves as an unwavering compass, guiding us towards a future where unity and progress prevail.

Yet, our work transcends the realms of mere business. It is infused with the essence of The Eternal Consciousness, recognizing the profound interconnectedness of the material and spiritual dimensions. This profound awareness permeates every aspect of our endeavors, infusing them with purpose, meaning, and unwavering commitment.

We strive to forge a new path, an alternative to the prevailing model of doing business. Whether as individuals or corporations, we seek to co-create a sustainable blueprint that transcends the limitations of our current failing systems. Envision with us a world where stress is replaced with serenity, where joy becomes the driving force propelling us towards unimaginable heights. In this higher vibrational reality, every individual has the opportunity to unleash their dormant potential and contribute to the upward spiral of transcendence.

At Inner Alchemy Consultancy, we eagerly join forces with those who share our unwavering optimism and unshakable conviction. Together, let us pioneer a future where business and life harmoniously coexist, where success is measured not only in financial gains but also in the profound impact we create. Join us on this extraordinary journey of co-creation, where we can catalyze a resounding shift in how we conduct business and live our lives.

Step into the realm of Inner Alchemy Consultancy, where the transformative power of possibility awaits. Together, let us create a world brimming with optimism, conviction, and a shared vision of prosperity for all.

Dr. Reza Borhani

Founder & President
Inner Alchemy Consultancy

Integrative medicine's alternative, complementary, holistic and traditional methods and approaches are not currently being fully utilized by current health care providers. The study and practice of medicine is an extraordinary blessing, a lifelong learning process and a challenge for those who pursue it. The ideal attributes and behaviors of a virtuous person in medicine, attributes that reflect the foundational values of the profession are best described as, seeking the truth, establishing therapeutic alliances with patients and families, curing and healing when possible, caring and comforting always. Most importantly, being altruistic and putting the patient first.

Dr. Borhani believes in the importance of passion – passion for healing, passion for learning, passion for teaching and a passion for evolving knowledge and innovation.

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